About Us

The Goal

To self fund a missionary clearing house to fulfill these Initiatives through fund raising and preaching engagements.

The Vision

To encourage churches as Institutions to be great Missional Movements of God.

The Mission

To promote an Alliance of Pastors, Churches, and Leaders for inner city renewal and world evangelism through Christian Initiatives.

Pastor Dixon is available to speak for various events, evangelistic services, mission conferences, camps, marriage/family events, or Sunday/weekly services.

100% of any and all love offerings received will be personally donated to support the Initiatives of Advance.

All donations may be designated to the Initiative of choice. All donations are tax deductible.


After 38+ years in full time pastoral ministry I resigned in order to equip and encourage local churches and pastors in their journey to fulfill the Great Commission through:

  • speaking engagements
  • interim pastoral support (assisting churches through transition)
  • promoting missional opportunities
  • stewardship strategies
  • the 6 initiatives of ADVANCE


Graduate of Theology, Class of 1977

Baptist Bible College | Springfield, MO

Ordained Minister, 1978


Interim Pastor

South Pointe Church | 2018 – 2019
A Baptist Congregation – Sharpsburg, GA


ADVANCE – Director | 2016 – Present


 Urban Youth Ministry of Greater Indianapolis-President/2009-Present


Senior Pastor

Indianapolis Baptist Temple | 1996- 2015

  • Principal, 1987 – 1993
  • Co-Pastor, 1987-1996
  • Administrator, 1984 – 2015
  • Youth Pastor, 1977-1982



Baptist Temple West | 1982 – 1984


Assistant Chaplain

Marion County Jail | 1980 – 1981


Biblical Law Center

Director 2016-present


Unregistered Baptist Fellowship

Organizer 2019-present

Community Involvement

  • President, Urban Youth Ministry, Present
  • Board Member, Fuller Center for Housing 2012-2016
  • Trinity House Feeding Centers, 2011 – Present
  • Vice President, South West Perry Civic Association, 2002
  • Facilitated Fundraisers For Local & Foreign Missions, Present
  • Church Planting, Present
  • Vice Chairman, Libertarian Party of Marion County, 2005 – 2007
  • Youth Basketball Coach, Past
  • Neighborhood Sports League Organizer, Past
  • Political Campaigns Volunteer For Republican  & Libertarian Candidates, Past