Church planting events are held all around the world to recruit men to begin new CHURCH START UP’s. Over the last four years 2016-2019, 211 churches have begun in Africa, Asia and North/Latin America. In 2020 another 100 will begin.

  • 49 in Mexico
  • 36 in Liberia
  • 10 in Myanmar
  • 5 in Uganda
Along with this success a few projects have been funded in order to just be a blessing to those in need.  Mattresses, commodes and irons have been bought for the MODUC orphanage in Liberia in 2019.  In 2020 ADVANCE hopes to purchase motorcycles for church planters to help them minister quicker.  Other projects will take place as the Lord provides the funds through interested people.

Church Planting Event Liberia, 2020

Church Planting Event Mexico, 2019

Togo Africa Trip, 2019

Liberia Africa Trip, 2019