Our goal in 2022 is to add another 200 new churches to the 320 already started through ADVANCE. Through church planting EVENTS in Africa, Asia and North/Latin America along with the development of GLOBAL ALLIANCES with National leaders and American missionaries this accomplishment will be
Through ADVANCE we come along side of these men and women around the world and we empower them financially.  We also help them accelerate Gods work as partners in the ministry of Christ.
By FAITH and Gods GRACE a total of 520 new churches will have been started by January 1st, 2022.
In  2023, Advance will be expanding its church planting efforts in South America and Europe. 500 new church startups will be supported every year until Jesus returns for his church.

Church Planting Event, 2021

Church Planting Event Liberia, 2020

Church Planting Event Mexico, 2019

Togo Africa Trip, 2019

Liberia Africa Trip, 2019