Church Planting

“A decade of believing the impossible.”


Since the decision was made to intentionally finance new church start up’s all around the world,
God has enabled ADVANCE, through much generosity, to nearly double our efforts every year.


2001-2016/27 churches
2017/27 churches
2018/54 churches
2019/100 churches
2020-2021/112 churches
2022-2023/200 churches
2023/500 churches
2024/523 churches
By faith we are asking God to double our efforts again in 2023 by financing 500 new church startups. Over the next decade, our goal is to finance 5,000 new churches. It took faith to get where we are and it will take INCREASED faith to go above and beyond our expectations.
Africa, Asia, North America/Latin America, South America and Europe can be discipled through us fulfilling and obeying our GREAT COMMISSION – Matt. 28:16-18.
  Will you join with me prayerfully and financially to preach the gospel of Christ to the Nations
and to start churches in some of the most remote places on earth?  May we together be
committed to the “UTTER MOST” parts of the earth!  Acts 1:8

2016 – 2024