Missional Projects

In order to enhance our church planting opportunities, we will be raising additional funds to be a blessing to our church planters in 2021.
1. Start and finance a Christian School in Koinee School Village, Liberia, Africa.     Cost-$48,000.00
 * $15,000 or $1500.00 per month for 10 months for teachers salaries, curriculum and supplies.
 * $14,000.00 by April 2021 for a school building.
  * $19,000.00 by next fall for book bags, uniforms, equipment and desks.
2. Purchase 11 motorcycles for church planters in Liberia, Africa.  Cost-$11,000.00
3. Purchase 15 iPads and Laptops for 15 church planters in Mexico.  Cost-$6,200.00
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ADVANCE needs you to accomplish these wonderful goals and achievements in 2021.  Together we can bless so many and help reach our world for Christ.  Thank you to each person, pastor, church, and business leader who continues to give in order to partner together for “GREATER THINGS.”