Global Alliances

Advance North America

Indianapolis Baptist Temple –  Indianapolis, IN
Pastor Matt Roller

Affiliated Church Plants

  • Justified By Faith Baptist Church

Glory Baptist Church – Indianapolis, IN
Pastor Aaron Campbell – Trinity House II @ Fountain Square

Berean Baptist Church – Greenwood, IN
Pastor Bill Blakely / Young Champions
Church Planting

 D&D Enterprises – Don and Roy Davis
ADVANCE/Church planting

Zion Unity Baptist Church/Indianapolis, Ind.
Church planting

Global Baptist Training Foundation
Church planting

Liberty Baptist Church – Spokane, WA
Pastor Jim Zeik – Advance/Church Planting

Long Run Baptist Church
Pastor Joey Faust

Grace Baptist Church – Indianapolis, IN
Pastor Walt Willet/Trinity House IV @ Garfield Park

Lifeline Baptist Church – Camby, IN
Pastor Tim Lindsey Jr.

Real Church – Sharpsburg, GA
Pastor Barry Williams

Crown of Life Baptist Church – Indianapolis, IN
Pastor Greg Dzula

Real Life Church – Springfield, MO
Pastor Tim Fleenor

Calvary Baptist Church – Jacksonville, Fla.

Pastor Ken Pledger

  Church planting
  Doers of the Word Baptist Church – Cleveland, Ohio
  Pastor Ernie Sanders

Friendship Baptist Church
Montana City, Montana

Pastor David Klass
Church Planting

Cherry Street Baptist Church
Springfield, Mo.

Pastor Dennis Jennings
Church Planting

Advance Asia

Biblical Baptist Churches of Myanmar Mission
Dr. Thawng Za Mung – Leading Pastor/President

Global Baptist Training Foundation
Dr. Bruce Snavely

Kalay Zomi Baptist Association
Pastor Mun Thang – Kalaymyo, Myanmar

Hopegivers International
Kota, India

Dr. Sam Thomas
Church Planting


Pastor Darrell Ray


Philippines –  Greg Lyons/Marc Buxton


Cambodia/Vietnam – Pastor Gene Latham/Pastor Y Hin Nie

Advance Latin America

Strong Tower Baptist Church – Oaxaca City, Mexico
Pastor Edmundo Martinez


Gethsemane Baptist Church – Nochixtlán, Mexico
Pastor Paco Nistal

Rancho Nuevo Bautista Mission – León, Mexico
Pastor Noe Martinez Parra

NBC of Oaxaca Centro – Mexico

NBC of Oaxaca Coastal – Mexico

NBC of Istmo – Mexico

NBC of Morelos

Independent Baptist Churches of Oaxaca Centro – Mexico

The Independent Baptist Churches of Guanajuato-Mexico

Baptist Convention of Puebla and Tlaxcala-President, Pastor Pedro Cordero

Central Baptist Convention of Mexico City-President, Pastor Pedro Ramirez

Independent Baptist Churches of Zacatecas

Independent Baptist Churches of San Luis Potosi

 BBFI Haiti/Dominican Republic 

-Missionary Kevin Falde






Advance Africa

The Great Commission Fundamental Baptist Fellowship
Ganta, Liberia
Edwin N. Gabor

Tapite Baptist Fellowship
Ganta, Liberia
Kardor Dwanyen

Redeeming Love Ministries
Ganta, Liberia
James Jackson Wehyee

The Independant Baptist Churches of Uganda

Bible Baptist Churches of Uganda
BBFI Missionary Russ Daniels

Global Baptist Training Foundation
Dr. Bruce Snavely

The Association of Independent Baptist Churches of Liberia
Pastor James Togba
Field Coordinator

Faith Independent Baptist Association of Liberia

Missionary Jim Eberhard

Independent Missionary
Burkina Faso-Restricted/Togo/Ghana
Missionary Mike Napper